[IWE] How do I use Jabber Server?

Bill Patient iwe@warhead.org.uk
Fri, 5 Jan 2007 19:42:25 -0500

download jajc

jabber server name is guildenstern.dyndns.org.

first time you set up your account you must check the box for creating a new

good luck


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Hi Brenda and All,

NightOwl wrote:
> I'm not trying to bug you, just wondering the status
> of IWT? I know it's down and Scott was working on it.
There's some strange hard drive problem.  Some of the important
partitions are missing, but others on the system are apparently Ok.
Remote diagnostics have been tried, but without much success.  Someone
needs to visit the site where the box is (it's in a co-location
facility), and Admin has caught the stomach flu so he's unable to get
there anytime soon.  :-(
> I don't know how to get to or use a Jabber Server, can
> you explain how?
Google caches a lot of IWeThey pretty regularly.  Do a google search of
"site:z.iwethey.org/forums jabber" to see what's out there.  If there
isn't enough detail, write back and I'm sure someone will try to help.
> I was hoping to copy the thread about metabolism in
> Epicuria and Health
That particular thread isn't on Google yet.  It's in my Google Desktop
web cache - at least the first 3 posts are.  Perhaps it's in your
browser cache as well?

Hope this helps a bit.

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