[IWE] How do I use Jabber Server?

NightOwl iwe@warhead.org.uk
Fri, 5 Jan 2007 17:17:08 -0800 (PST)

Hey Scott,

Owl wrote:>>I was hoping to copy the thread about
metabolism in Epicuria and Health That particular
thread isn't on Google yet.  It's in my Google Desktop

web cache - at least the first 3 posts are.  Perhaps
it's in your browser cache as well?<<

Thanks so much for the information. John says that my
cache (I use Opera) isn't something I can easily
access, for some reason, but all I really need is the
first couple of posts (mine with the questions and
Andrew's response with the good answers) to get what I
need from the thread. 

Scott, If you have the first three posts of that
thread in your Google cache, could you send them to me
at my main e-mail address? (You know, the one I write
you from sometimes personally)? If you don't have it
handy, I'll send you mail from it and you can reply.

And Beep, Maggie, thanks for the information on how to
get and set up Jabber, but I rarely even use my own
YIM lately, so I really don't need another "messenger
type service." As long as there's an update in here
now and then, I can be patient and wait on IWT to get
fixed. I just really need the first part of that
thread and I'll be happy. It wasn't on google yet or
Yahoo's cache either.

I hope you feel better soon, Scott!


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