[IWE] Buffett on Charlie Rose

Ashton Brown iwe@warhead.org.uk
Thu, 02 Oct 2008 00:17:21 -0700

Even Buffett thought (as recently as then!) -- that the Bear-S bailout 
just might have been enough (!)
Yeah, he said that.
So much for Econ 'science's ability to apply its formulas -- to predict 
(anything actually useful) in time to Do anything actually useful.

He also believes that those who 'make' money by the labor of computer 
entry of numbers + their leveraging -- should not be taxed at any higher 
rate on their compounded winnings -- than those who do tangible work 
each day, (apparently meaning: even at the declining wages, increased 
hours and increasingly inaccessible meds. In perpetuo. He didn't 
elaborate about the disparate working conditions or use the word 'merit' 
in this psalm.)

Clearly: a Bishop in the Church of the Vulture form of capitalism. 
Unlimited growth - at the top:
"The System will work ... over time."
. . .
"'Economic Pearl Harbor - I've never used that phrase before."
"'Course there will be some pain and suffering ... blah ... will have to 
work out a few things ... blah."
"I'd rather be approximately-right than precisely wrong."
"95% of the people, with their declining home/asset values are 
worse-off, but --- blah, blah"
"I think that congress will do The Right Thing"

This was a Sermon, from the preacher with more of that endless-More: 
than all the TV evangelists  combined.
And the same degree of Certainty of which God is Right (for Me.) Loves 
his 'work'.
What's not to like, from that pulpit? Why, he's as Certain of this-all 
as Sarah whatsername (on any topic.)
Boffo performance, lots of smiles, Charlie responding in-kind, obviously 
basking in the radiated Confidence

In those formulas, I guess !?
Heckuva job there, Warren.