[IWE] Galbraith's OpEd on what should be done about the Bailout.

Christian Conrad iwe@warhead.org.uk
Sun, 28 Sep 2008 18:19:57 +0300 (EEST)

Bill Patient [bepatient@cfl.rr.com] wrote: 
> Very nice summary. Those out there saying we need to let it happen simply
> don't understand the magnitude. I'm not normally one to expect or want the
> gov't involved...

Well, no, not when there's a risk that actual ORDINARY PEOPLE of flesh and blood would be getting their grubby mitts on your hard-earned dough. That's nasty, bad, evil comunism and socialism and all that.

> but in this case and in this particular time it is not only
> necessary...its crucial. We are not at a "great depression" level yet...but
> should this be allowed to spin out of control any longer we very well could
> be...for all the reasons you've given.

And above all, for the reason that THIS bailout goes to the fat-cat robber barons of Wall Street, which are ever so much more deserving than dirty, ugly, poor actual humans.

Oh, sure, you're not EXPLICITLY saying that that's why... But it sure seems to be of a piece with everything else you've ever written, so I think the only difference is, you're not SAYING that's the reason for you to support it this time.

In stead of starting your usual protests, Bill, how about you ponder this: If you DON'T actually ever mean to imply stuff like that... Then how come that's exactly how it comes off to me every time? Am I really all THAT bad at English reading comprehension? Or could it be something about how YOU express yourself?

Or, if not that either... Could it possibly be that this reflects your actual opinions, whether you've so far been aware of them yourself or not? Because, you know, I hadn't actually thought of it before I saw your mail -- but if someone had asked me a week or two ago, "You know how BeeP is always against government intervention in the economy; so how do you think he'd feel about Uncle Sam bailing out Wall Street?", I hope you won't think I'm exaggerating my psychic (no, not really) powers of prediction in asserting that I could have told anyone that "Yeah, Bill will probably be all in favour of *that*!"

Funny, that, eh?