[IWE] why I had no time for the debates

William Oxley iwe@warhead.org.uk
Sun, 28 Sep 2008 11:52:16 -0400

posted in the kia forums for the next poor guy
car has 60k miles. Local shops wanted $400 to do the work. Im cheap  
so bought a subscription on alldata, bought a $30 tool kit from big  
lots as I havnt done any repair work in 5 years and the kds have lost  
most of my tools.
Alldata is close but the descriptions dont match the car, why I am  
posting here on a few things that were not clear in the online manual
needed 2 jacks and 2 jackstands I prefer floor jacks and still had  
them in the shed
torque wrench
tools assorted

remove right side tire and wheel.
remove alll of the crap plastic shields from under the front of the  
place second jack with a piece of 2x4 under the center of the motor
above the right wheel well is a motor mount, has 2 studs and a bolt  
on one side and another larger stud further back that covers the  
center of the front of the motor
loosen power steerring motor remove belt
now the alternator has a strange looking method of tensioning the  
belt. Rather a good design now that I figured it out. Unfortunately I  
removed the pinning bolt which too an hour to put back at the end so  
here is a better way
from underneath loosen slightly the bolt pinning the alternator at  
the motor. Loosen "slightly" the alternator bolt attached to the  
strange looking long bolt that is not attached to anything.
loosen the long bolt to nowhere, this releases tension on the  
alternator belt and allow easy removal of the belt.
the AC belt is next, loosen the center bolt of the tensioner then a  
sqare ended bolt to the left of the tensioner is moved counter  
clockwise, this releases tension on the ac belt.
the rest is straight by the book however when you have to remove the  
crank pulley, it is on there with 145 lbs of torque and you are not  
supposed to allow the engine to be cranked counter clockwise  
(direction to remove the bolt) at this point I put the motor mount  
removed at the beginning back on as it is just adjacent to the cam  
sprocket. Put a socket on the cam sproket and jammed the ratchet  
against the motor mount. This allowed me to take the crank pulley  
bolt out without moving the motor.
this method doesnt work of course for torqing the bolt back in as all  
that does is loosen the cam sprocket bolt. For that I had help using  
an axe handle to brace the pulley to torque the crank pulley bolt.

All in all not 2 bad but not enough room to work in, everthig is very  
tight and it takes a lot of patience.