[IWE] 'Will Palin be replaced?'

Ashton Brown iwe@warhead.org.uk
Mon, 29 Sep 2008 02:51:46 -0700

Gets 1.98 mega-hits on Googly. 
Discussed concisely with refs to RNC Rules at 
A Salon blog by Saturn Smith.  All cogent replies, even.  A frequent 
refrain is also stated tersely here, in a response:
> Hah. All this buzz about exciting the base. It wasn't the base they 
> needed to convince-it was the independent voters who, we're 
> discovering, aren't as dim as mcCain gambled they were.
(Last phrase is a bit optimistic, I still very much wot.)

So far, unclear if it was more? or less-fun during the original Fall of 
Rome theatre.
Though they lacked our capacity for broadcasting the juicy bits, Live 
--  in Latin, surely ever so pithier.