[IWE] 'Will Palin be replaced?'

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> Gets 1.98 mega-hits on Googly.=20
> Discussed concisely with refs to RNC Rules at=20
> http://open.salon.com/content.php?cid=3D23343&source=3Dnewsletter
> A Salon blog by Saturn Smith.  All cogent replies, even.  A frequent=20
> refrain is also stated tersely here, in a response:
> > Hah. All this buzz about exciting the base. It wasn't the base they=20
> > needed to convince-it was the independent voters who, we're=20
> > discovering, aren't as dim as mcCain gambled they were.
> (Last phrase is a bit optimistic, I still very much wot.)
> So far, unclear if it was more? or less-fun during the=20
> original Fall of=20
> Rome theatre.
> Though they lacked our capacity for broadcasting the juicy bits, Live=20
> --  in Latin, surely ever so pithier.

It's the devil and the deep blue sea, surely?

Replace her, and the GOP looks like a party that will not stay the
course. "Staying the course" appears to be regarded, by the GOP as a
virtue, irrespective of reality - thus tossing a core value out of the
window. "We stand by our candidates" (except when they're halfwits who
we picked because she looks nice on the telly)

Don't replace her, and the GOP continues to look like a party that
thinks a little bit of T&A will divert attention from the fact that
their best candidate is basically an old, white rich bloke with anger
management issues.

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