[NO2ID-announce] ID Cards - urgent action

Harris Michael migsuk@yahoo.co.uk
Thu, 16 Mar 2006 15:59:17 +0000 (GMT)


Written my email to Bridget Prentice's assistant. 

Asked v. politely for the government not to use the
Parliament Act against the wishes of the Lords.
Bridget - as a member of the government - can't really
vote against the Bill, but could perhaps stop the use
of the Parliament Act.


--- Mark Bennett <sydenhamid@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Yesterday (Wednesday 15th March) the House of Lords
> again amended the ID Card Bill to remove the
> requirement to have an ID Card when renewing a
> passport or obtaining any designated document.  This
> is the third time their Lordships have held Blair to
> the Labour manifesto commitment of a voluntary
> scheme.
>   The Bill will go back to the Commons within a
> matter of days so it would be extremely helpful if
> you could write to/fax/email/call your MP TODAY. 
> Please ask them to back the Lordsí amendments which
> make the scheme voluntary as described in Labourís
> manifesto at the last election.
>   There is a danger that the Government will attempt
> to force the Bill through by invoking the Parliament
> Act.  Amongst your own arguments you may wish to
> point out that it would be a travesty for any
> Government to impose a measure which is completely
> different from the arrangement described in their
> manifesto.
>   At the same time, I suggest writing to our target
> peers urging them to back the Lordsí amendments when
> the Bill is sent back from the Commons.  I have
> attached our list of peers with some tenuous link to
> Lewisham and invite you to select from it
>   Tonight (Thursday 16th) we will be gathering in
> the Crown, Tranquil Vale, Blackheath and setting off
> to deliver leaflets from 8pm.  Your help would be
> appreciated.  If it is not immediately obvious which
> group we are, my mobile number is 07770 451201. 
>   Thank you for your continuing support.  
>   Yours sincerely,
>   Mark Bennett 
>   Lewisham No2ID
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