[WoPoWriMo] Ready, Steady.... GO!

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Sun Jan 31 21:31:24 GMT 2010

Hello WriMos!

The midnight bell hath tolled and now it is the month of poetic
frenzy, of composing poems until your wrists ache and your brain
melts!  Are you ready?

Well probably not - you probably have a family and job or college or
pet that has inconveniently decided to go and put a spanner in the
works but don't panic!

No matter the barrier to your poetic muse - we are here to help you
through.  Our advice - take a mini notebook and lock yourself in the
toilet to write - go on your boss will never know!

But in all seriousness writing, any writing can be hard - mainly
because you need at least the mental space to do it.  So if you feel
you have barriers to your writing, now at the beginning of the month
is a good time to assess them and think of viable solutions.

Make a list of all the things you think will help you with your
writing and then a list of all the things that make it hard.  Look at
the two lists - don't worry that the negatives outweigh the
positives, that is normal!  Cross check the two lists and see what
out of the strengths and things that will help neutralise or reduce
the bad stuff.

Now think about how you can use those relationships.

One you have done that and eliminated one or two points you can
assess the others and think about whether there is anything you can
perhaps do differently. Modern lives are so fraught and hectic that
often there is a simple solution but we just haven't had time to
notice there is even a problem!

If there are issues you really can not neutralise on your list make a
plan of action to incorporate them or move around them.  This process
can be invaluable to the budding and busy writer.

Besides once this is done you may find you have plenty of material
for poem or two :)

To help there will also be daily writing exercises on the website
along with various writing tips, guest bloggers and reviews :)


Don't forget the pledge if you haven't already signed it - as just
knowing you've agreed to do it with those other writers can be a
great spur!


But mainly enjoy yourself with the creative process :)

Good luck and good writing from all of us here at WoPo!

p.s. if the links do not work just copy and paste them into your

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