[Box Backup] ExcludeFile command being ignored with Win32 client.

Chris Wilson boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 10 Aug 2006 09:41:27 +0100 (BST)

Hi Paul,

> Thanks so much for looking into this. I really appreciate it. I have 
> tried the new client and can report I am still having issues. Right now 
> I am only referencing the errors in the event viewer.
> I am now having problems with both the file and directory excludes:
> ExcludeFile = C:\pagefile.sys

Please could you try this new build:


I've tested directory excludes and they do now work, at least for me. I 
think that file excludes should work as well.

> Here is the file error in the event viewer:
> Event Type:	Warning
> Event Source:	Box Backup
> Event Category:	None
> Event ID:	1
> Date:		8/8/2006
> Time:		9:54:37 AM
> User:		N/A
> Computer:	MYSERVER
> Description:
> Failed to open 'C:\\pagefile.sys': error 32

The warning will not be stopped by this build. Windows does not allow us 
to determine (as far as I can tell) whether pagefile.sys is a file or a 
directory, and therefore we can't decide which exclude list to use to 
exclude it. I'm still working on fixing this. In any case, it won't be 
backed up :-)

This will happen with any file that is open exclusively, unless you 
exclude one of its parent directories (not the file itself, for the same 
reason as above).

> Here is what I have tried to see if it makes a difference ( i tried these 
> separately and each time I stopped the service and restarted it). None of the 
> 1-4 examples made a difference:
> 1) ExcludeDir = C:\\Documents/ and/ Settings\Administrator.MYSERVER\Cookies\
> 2) ExcludeDir = C:\\Documents and Settings\Administrator.MYSERVER\Cookies\
> 3) ExcludeDir = C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.MYSERVER\Cookies\
> 4) ExcludeDir = "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.MYSERVER\Cookies\"
> Is there a problem with the syntax above for the one that should work?

The third one should work, without the backslash at the end of the 
directory name. Quotes are not necessary, and backslashes do not need to 
be doubled.

Cheers, Chris.
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