[Box Backup] ExcludeFile command being ignored with Win32 client.

E.W. Peter Jalajas boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 10 Aug 2006 06:31:25 -0700 (PDT)

I don't know if my BackupLocations section below helps, or hurts, or
irrelevant, as it's been months since I've tested it, but here is how
my template bbackupd.conf file uses regex on Windows clients.  The
ntuser.dat and pagefile.sys sections in my second ExcludeFilesRegex are
inspired by recent personal experience and this thread, but are
completely untested as of yet.  I hope to install Chris' new client
(THANKS, Chris! Amazing work!) soon; I'll report back what I find.

Directory backslashes in regex (and maybe many other characters, maybe
including ":", do need to be escaped with a "\".

Good luck,

                Path = C:\Documents and Settings
                ExcludeFilesRegex =
                ExcludeFilesRegex =

--- Chris Wilson <chris@qwirx.com> wrote:

> > I am now having problems with both the file and directory excludes:
> >
> > ExcludeFile = C:\pagefile.sys
> Please could you try this new build:
> I've tested directory excludes and they do now work, at least for me.
> I  think that file excludes should work as well.
> > Failed to open 'C:\\pagefile.sys': error 32
> > 4) ExcludeDir = "C:\Documents and
> Settings\Administrator.MYSERVER\Cookies\"
> >
> The third one should work, without the backslash at the end of the 
> directory name. Quotes are not necessary, and backslashes do not need
> to 
> be doubled.