[Box Backup] Win32 native client service bbackupd.conf

Gary boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 28 Jun 2006 16:07:46 -0700 (PDT)


> Thanks for the hard work!

Anytime, glad to help getting the release better.

> > - tons of SetReplacementFileAttributes activity on the first backup run
> When you say "first", do you mean a fresh (empty) account on the server, 
> or an account to which another client (e.g. cygwin) has been backing up?

The later. The client used previously was one of your Win32 0.9x releases. When switching to the
latest build, I had a lot of SetReplacementFileAttributes in the EventLog (with ExtendedLogging).

> The replacements should stop after the first backup with the 
> native client - do they?

Yes, they stick after the first backup with the latest source tree.

> Anything listed as "fixed" on the known bugs page - otherwise, please just 
> keep your eyes open and keep verifying your backups regularly, and let me 
> know if you see anything unexpected.

So far, so good, I run backups regularly and get no errors with the compare -aq command. However,
I have too much data to run compare -a (without the quick switch) more often than once a month or

It takes too long to re-download everything for a full compare cycle, if we could add one more
step to make the -aq end-to-end, it would be great. It would have to some kind of a checksum that
verifies that the data on the bbstored side's hard drive actually matches blocks used for the -aq


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