[IWE] Question about Shutting down Linux blind

Wade Bowmer iwe@warhead.org.uk
Wed, 31 Jan 2007 12:45:37 +1000

On 1/31/2007, "Nightowl" <lightspeedowl@yahoo.com> wrote:

> ........ (snip)
>He's concerned the screen will completely be unusable
>some morning and he will be unable to shut it down, so
>we are wondering if there is any way to shut Linux KDE
>down while completely blind, using ONLY the keyboard
>and no visuals.

There are several that differ in minor details. This one requires you
know your root password.

1. Ctrl+Alt+1 to switch to the first virtual terminal. As a bonus,
you're likely to get a stable screen at this point.
2. Login as root.
3. Enter the command shutdown -h now

Yes, this will nicely shutdown a KDE session.

A variation that doesn't require a root password is like this (step 1 as

2. Login as yourself (the user/password that works in KDE will work here).
3. Enter the command sudo shutdown -h now
4. Enter your password again.