[WoPoWriMo] Last Week of Poetry Madness!

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Mon Feb 22 22:40:36 GMT 2010

Hello WoPos!

So it is the last week - yes really it is!  What's that, you only
have five poems written?  Don't panic - there is still time, but you
will have to put nose to grindstone!

Most of you are near completion or are already completed which is
great, fantastic and wonderful but there are those who are stuck and
if you are one of them here is a list of thirty - yes, thirty, not
twenty-eight - things to write about.

1) The colour red
2) Cats
3) Last time you were in the pub
4) Wednesdays
5) Pizza
6) Boots
6) It snowing (yet again) and ruining all your plans
7) Giving
8) A phone call
9) Pebbles on the beach
10) Dustbin night
11) The sky on *that* holiday
12) The school canteen
13) The office
14) Paint brushes
15) Dragons in the den
16) Elk
17) Flower Power
18) Green sequins
19) The number 19 is prime... right?
20) France
21) The stone age
22) Pop culture
23) Carrier bags caught in trees
24) Hoodies
25) Mobile phones
26) Lettuce
27) A book of so many pages
28) The turning of the year
29) Black holes
30) Flashing lights

Just write for 5 minutes on each of these. Obviously if you become
inspired just keep going with it!  This should help drastically if
you are behind. If you are already there, give them a go anyway - you
never know what you might get from such writing exercises.

There are obviously still writing exercises going out daily on the
WoPoWriMo website along with articles by our fantastic guest
bloggers. If you have not read them yet and are thinking of becoming
a 'serious' poet, or even if you just like poetry then we highly
recommend you give them a look-see!

Good luck with those last scribblings

The team WoPo

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