[WoPoWriMo] Victory!

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Sun Feb 28 22:02:20 GMT 2010

Hello WoPos!

It is the finial day and hopefully you have a stack of poems - or, at
least, the bones of poems.  But though the month of poetic madness is
at an end - it is not an end, but a beginning.  Get out those poems
you produced in the first week and look at them examine them and
think - is this a finished poem?

Does it say what I want? How I want? How are others going to perceive

Then with these questions in mind it is time to start editing - do
not start on the ones you've just finished, but let those lay fallow
for a week or two! This will allow you to view the poem with fresh
eyes, give you a chance to forget the taste of what it should be and
see if it actually is nice or not!

Read the poems out loud, get someone else to read the poems out loud.

Don't forget to tick yourselves off on the WoPoWriMo Pledge and to
give yourself a good pat on the back!

So, what are you going to do for the next month? Why not check out
the Other Wrimo's page on the website for other writing challenges.
There is always editing, of course, and why not check out other
poets' work - reading will help you improve your writing.  There are
a couple of charity anthologies mentioned by guest bloggers on the
website which are well worth a read :)

We hope this has been a fun and rewarding experience for you all!

Team WoPo

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